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Scarborough Nitrous oxide/laughing gas

Feel calm and comfortable during procedures at Markham Eglinton Dental Centre

Sweaty palms, racing heartbeat, nervous stomach – all at the idea of undergoing a dental procedure. Does this sound like you? Well, at Markham Eglinton Dental Centre, we offer options that could help put you at ease.

Nitrous oxide/laughing gas in Scarborough

Some people have extreme anxiety about dental procedures – but we don’t take it personally. We just make it our job to help those patients relax so we can work on their teeth while they’re feeling comfortable.

Almost anyone -- adult, teen or child -- is a candidate for to receive nitrous oxide/laughing gas, which is particularly useful for people with a fear of dental visits, or people with a history of anxiety/panicking.

For more information on nitrous oxide/laughing gas in Scarborough, contact Markham Eglinton Dental Centre today.