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Scarborough Sedation Dentistry

Feel calm and comfortable during procedures at Markham Eglinton Dental Centre

Sweaty palms, racing heartbeat, nervous stomach – all at the idea of undergoing a dental procedure. Does this sound like you? Well, at Markham Eglinton Dental Centre, we offer options that could help put you at ease.

Oral Sedation / Sleep Dentistry in Scarborough

Some people have extreme anxiety about dental procedures – but we don’t take it personally. We just make it our job to help those patients relax so we can work on their teeth while they’re feeling comfortable.

Oral Sedation is when a patient receives medication to relieve their anxiety and minimize any discomfort during a dental visit. The sedative medication is administered orally or by intravenous (or both), and you enter a state of dreamy sleepiness. You may remain awake, but do not care what is happening around you – and you do not remember anything after the procedure is over.

Almost anyone -- adult, teen or child -- is a candidate for Oral Sedation, which is particularly useful for people with a fear of dental visits, or people with a history of anxiety/panicking.

Patients are allowed to go home following the procedure, but cannot drive for the rest of the day -- and must be accompanied by a responsible adult. The medication wears off very quickly, but could leave you feeling unsteady for the first few hours.

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